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My name is Kevin Scene Lewis and I'm originally from Youngstown, Ohio. Today I do most of my creative art work from Warner Robins, Georgia and usually sign my work under the artist name Scene. I find inspiration in many places and I have traveled and lived all over the world including Turkey, Netherlands, Morocco, Italy, Spain and Germany which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because of a need to show the beautiful people, places, and things I've experienced… I specialize in Paint and I focus on Faces. I also enjoy working with other mediums including Drawings and Sculptures. My art style is considered Surrealist Portraits with a splash of pop art. I am often motivated by day to day experiences. I have been creating art for 30 years. My favorite artist is Salvador Dali and I find his work to be pure Genius! I connect with the art community by throwing myself into local and national projects not knowing the outcome. Just having the desire to create and hope that someone enjoys and receives something from my creations. My work has been shown in numerous venues, but I am proud to have a piece of art in Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture collection. I really hope to connect with the viewer and invoke some sort of emotion through my work. It is always a special moment when the viewer makes that connection with my art and appreciates the experience for what it is.

  • 124 Fontaine Walk, Warner Robins, Georgia.
  • +478-235-0339,

My Professional Skills

While Illustration and Painting make up the majority of my professional experience, I also possess a significant amount of experience in the fields of Graphic and Web Design

Fine Art 100%
Illustration 95%
Graphic Design 75%
Murals 60%
completed project
design award
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current projects
  • Illustration

     Example of an illustration for a Book.  Mixed Media - Ink, Colored Pencil and Oil Paints

  • Mixed Media Project

     One of several Brewery labels that I used traditional media combined with digital media to create a truly unique and captivating project.

  • Paintings

    30"x40" acrylic painting for my solo art show "Nu Offering" 


    Feel free to contact me with any questions on pricing and availability

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     Example of an illustration for a Book.  Mixed Media - Ink, Colored Pencil and Oil Paints


    124 Fontaine Walk Warner Robins, Georgia



    +478 235 0339